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Difference between Cricket and Politics

Good old time
Do they look good now?
Do they look good now?

The recent Tsunami of allegations between PML-N and PTI, is / was not only disgraceful and full of hatred, but also, senseless. Sensibility and compromise is the main ingredient of a political system, which is seen no where in recent days by both the parties. The reason in case of PML-N is their bitter recent past and the threat of PTI reducing their seats in urban areas. Whereas the reason for PTI is its non-political structure and overenthusiastic (both from its leadership and supporters.) We can term this mentality as a cricketing mentality which is fueled by “captain” himself (who is still a captain), his overenthusiastic supporters (on social media in particular) and the so-called think tank (aggressive / pessimistic people like Haroon Rasheed and Hassan Nisar). But this is politics, not cricket. The difference is that:

  • In politics, you are not required to lead from the front all the time. You should rely on your team, designate responsibilities to them, and get away from tiny matters to concentrate more on important issues.
  • In politics, there are more options than only winning or losing. You should negotiate, make space for yourself and others to share the success to keep the system running in a acceptable way. What it means is that Tsunami “is” forceful, but goes faster than it comes. Also, it destroys everything irrespective of wherever it belongs. Why didn’t PTI participated in elections yet? Because, they are expecting a landslide victory due to some miracle. What if it does not happen? Would Imran Khan accept 20 seats as his real share after big big claims. He is making his life difficult because politics has history. A cricket match does not have. You can always start a new day in cricket. In politics, the baggage of past defines your future.
  • In politics, you have to keep your temper. In sports, people would not bother about it too much, because its just a game. Would Imran Khan be able to work with Nawaz Sharif after so abusive language against him and as a whole. Does he intends to make “permanent” enemies in a system / profession in which he would be working tomorrow. This would never work and would make the system paralyzed, even if he is heading the system.
  • In cricket, there are no personal attacks. In politics, you should be ready to face it. You should be willing to lower your ego for political gains or for overall progress. For example, second grade MQM leaders have been calling Sharif brothers “ganjas”, but this does not hinder PML-N to talk with MQM. Does Imran Khan has capability to lower his ego? We have not seen it yet.

To be successful in politics and contribute in the system positively, PTI must differentiate between cricket and politics to provide a fruitful fresh option to people of Pakistan rather than burying themselves into egoistic graves dug by themselves.



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