Olympics 2012 and Pakistan

It’s heart breaking when one analyses the results of Pakistan in 2012 Olympics. It hurts and you think many a time that “why am I wasting time on it?” Since I have wasted a lot on it, I summarize them here so that no one else wastes his / her time.


Pakistan would be competing for 7th position tomorrow. I think that explains everything. We lost badly to 2 better teams. Almost lost to SA. Astonishingly, we kept our hopes alive until Australia trashed us. And comparing it with India, still does not provide any justification. In fact, it really hurts to see both Asian teams who ruled the field in 60′s to 80′s are now just playing Hockey like they “have” to play it for some strange reason without any conviction, excellence and desire to win.


Anam Banday: Position: 35 out of 35, Best: 4:31.68, Our: 5:34.64 (last), Difference: 23%

Israr Hussain: Position: 54 out of 56, Best: 48.19, Our: 57.86 (almost last), Difference: 20%

Liaqat Ali: Position: 15 out of 29, Best: 10.42, Our: 10.90, Difference: 5%, only for preliminaries before main event (heats) where difference is 8%. In Round 1, he would have been 54 out of 56.

Rabia Ashiq: Position: 35 out of 40, Best: 2:00.47, Our: 2:17.39, Difference: 14%.

I cannot evaluate Khurram Inam in Skeet. But he stands at 28 out of 36.

And where is wrestling, boxing, weight lifting etc. Can’t we designate some funds for four years of Olympics preparation before going into the games and coming back as silently as half of the countries participating. But none of these countries would have so much population, mental and physical strength and athletic nature as we have. It’s simply a disaster as we see in all disciplines in Pakistan.




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