Imran Khan, Pakistan

From Ijaz Jazi to Sheikh Rasheed

People in Minar-e-Pakistan did not come to give votes to Sheikh Rasheed. And if they did, we do not deserve any change.

The focus of Imran Khan’ s politics is converging now to win as many constituencies as possible. A recent example is extending PTI’s support to Sheikh Rasheed in the same city where PTI gave ticket to Ijaz Jazi and was criticized first time for selection of “traditional” candidates with bad reputation. It was also said that if PTI cannot find a suitable candidate in a city like Rawalpindi, what would it do in rural areas. And with the passage of time, it turned out to be the case. Except for Javed Hashmi, we cannot see any “change” in potential candidates in PTI. And now they have endorsed Sheikh Rasheed providing a final verdict to the matter, i.e. PTI is only serious in winning the seats in the next election irrespective of how it is achieved. Support at this level does not come without demands. With each passing day, PTI is making its baggage heavier and heavier that would not let it even move, even if it wins the premiership. And the core question is: where is the “change”.




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