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Difference between Cricket and Politics

Good old time Do they look good now? The recent Tsunami of allegations between PML-N and PTI, is / was not only disgraceful and full of hatred, but also, senseless. Sensibility and compromise is the main ingredient of a political system, which is seen no where in recent days by both the parties. The reason in case of PML-N … Continue reading

Rising Pakistan

When I started this Blog, I meant to see Pakistan rising with every new post. I have been posting on for few years. The motivation rested and started from Musharraf departure, Judiciary movement, independent media and signs of positive political change. But with the passage of time, the motivation started diminishing due to all forms of … Continue reading

Pakistanis in Young Global Leaders list

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a multistakeholder community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future. Each year, the World Economic Forum identifies 200-300 extraordinary individuals worldwide. Together, they form a powerful international community that can dramatically impact the global future. Following Pakistanis have been listed in this … Continue reading

I Explore Pakistan: Well done Danial Shah

It’s a pity that we do not hear about the treasures our country is blessed with anymore. The media is only earning money through “breaking” news channels and imported glamour. There was at least one advantage of a single government owned TV channel (PTV), i.e. it used to highlight soft and artistic aspects in our culture. However, young … Continue reading


Iqbal in Spain, 1933


Jinnah in 1942